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This book contains violence and explicit sexual situations.

The magical world wants nothing to do with MaLeila Samara. The first reason is she’s a powerful no name sorceress with no magical ties who inherited the magical legacy of the most powerful western sorcerers to live, Claude Thorne. The second reason is because she had the audacity to claim the right while having kinky hair and chocolate colored skin.

So MaLeila gave the magical world the proverbial fuck you, fought off the sorcerers and sorceress who sought to see her killed for the bragging rights and lives in relative content with her two companions, both former slaves to Claude. Bastet—the powerful sorceress with an affinity for yang magic who introduced her to the magical world; and Devdan, the brooding sorcerer with an affinity for yin magic who tried to kill her when they first met but who MaLeila now goes back and forth between hating and wanting to fall in bed with.

They’re admittedly co-dependent, fiercely protective of each other while at the same time resentful, though they’re more than willing to mostly ignore the latter until the Magic Council sends Marcel Brant to help them unravel The Immortal Queen Tsubame, the newest threat to the order and secrecy of the magical world. But Marcel’s more interested in admittedly having sex with MaLeila than finding Tsubame and because of his influence, for the first time since learning it existed, MaLeila wants to know all that magical world has to offer much to Bastet and Devdan’s chagrin. Exploring the magical world also means that MaLeila, Bastet, and Devdan have to deal with the mistrust and resentment in their bond and the dark past that forced them together before she was even born. And Tsubame is more than happy to use it to her advantage to drive them apart and destroy the only real threat that can stop her from wreaking havoc on the world.


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Sequel to The Immortal Queen Tsubame: Awakening

This book contains violence and explicit sexual situations.

For the first time in six years, MaLeila no longer has Bastet or Devdan to turn to. Their bond irrevocably broken, the ties forced on them by Claude no longer keeping them together, it seems like their worst fears have been realized and now MaLeila isn’t sure what was real between them and what wasn’t; especially with Devdan. They weren’t quite lovers, but it always seemed like her relationship with him defined all others. So in the first definitive move she’s ever made on own, she officially decides that the two were only holding her back and takes up Tsubame’s offer to help her take control of the magical world.

The first step to that is getting the magical world so focused on warring with each other that Tsubame can simply rise to the top after they’ve destroyed themselves, despite her manipulative hand. Still, even though she’s offered to help Tsubame doesn’t mean MaLeila completely trusts the woman, especially when the woman begins to interfere with her relationship with Marcel, and MaLeila’s senses tell her that the woman is deliberately not telling her something about why she came to this world. Because if she was bored and already a queen, why would she come to their world to do the exact same thing? Suddenly it seems like everyone is against or out to get MaLeila. No longer sure who she can trust, MaLeila has to learn how to stand on her own two feet, gain her own allies, speak up for her own desires, and finally confront the ruling powers that made her magical life hell: The Magic Council.